Management change at EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg

14. January 2022 |

Johannes Stelten (57) will take over as Managing Director of EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH (CTH) on 1 March 2022, succeeding Tom Eckelmann (38). After good three years Tom Eckelmann will be leaving CTH to assume new tasks at EUROKAI, the family-run 50% shareholder of EUROGATE, as well as within the EUROGATE Group.

Commenting on the decision, Michael Blach, Chairman of the EUROGATE Group Management Board, said: “Tom Eckelmann has successfully navigated EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg through a difficult period. With his team, he managed to offset the significant loss of handling volumes at CTH following the shipping line consolidations in 2017/18 through the acquisition of CMA CGM as a new customer and the commissioning of Berth 6, returning container handling volumes at CTH to their 2017 levels. He and his team have also managed to keep terminal operations up and running, despite the substantial and ongoing impact of the pandemic. In recent weeks, he and all others involved have made important progress in the transformation process that was started in the 2020 financial year. We both respect and welcome his desire to channel the intensive hands-on experience gained during the past three years to develop further professionally and we wish him all the best and every success in this endeavour. We look forward to continued cooperation.”

Of Tom Eckelmann’s successor, Johannes Stelten, Michael Blach says: “Johannes Stelten is a very experienced manager, who has successfully performed in a number of management roles within the EUROGATE Group in the past. As current operations manager at CTH, he also shares a good part of the credit for the achievements over the past 18 months. It is therefore only logical that he will now succeed Tom Eckelmann as Managing Director. We wish him every success in leading and managing the many tasks that lie ahead and look forward to a continuation of our fruitful cooperation.”