Bremerhaven: truck clearance with advance check-in saves time

    EUROGATE Container Terminal Bremerhaven: clearance with advance check-in to become possible by mid-year – final test phases from April


    Truckabfertigung Bremerhaven

    Truck clearance at EUROGATE Container Terminal Bremerhaven and MSC Gate is entering a new phase. Since the beginning of April, testing of systematic advance check-in has been under way. After checking in advance, truckers can drive up to one of the new outdoor consoles at the gate and check in for all pre-registered delivery and pick-up processes. Truck clearance with advance check-in significantly shortens the process. Waiting times for personal registration in the container handling bay are eliminated or reduced. Once checked in, the trucker can drive directly to one of the in-gate lanes.
    The process is made possible by systematically pre-registering all inbound and outbound deliveries and pick-ups using dbh Logistics IT AG’s BIT-PA system. In the past, only the shipowners were able to transmit booking details for containers electronically and thus provide EUROGATE with the necessary data. Since the beginning of April hauliers and freight forwarders have also had access to the dbh system. “In April we are testing this web access with the haulage companies involved, EKB Container Logistik and Spedition Mahlstedt,” says Jörg Liermann, Head of Service/IT Logistics at EUROGATE in Bremerhaven.

    This web-based manual system is just the first step. Next comes automated capture of the prior notifications for inbound and outbound container deliveries and pick-ups directly via the forwarding systems. “For this, the software company Cargosupport in Nuremberg has developed software which will enter the test phase in May,” Liermann says. These tests should be completed by early June.

    EUROGATE undertook all preparatory measures for implementing the project last year: the entire technology was modernised, new self-check-in consoles have been installed and truck lanes established. The terminal operator has also developed and already installed the software for the consoles.

    The advantages for truckers go without saying: they can drive straight up to the terminal without waits, they know prior to arriving at the terminal whether the container has been unloaded from the ship, whether it is cleared for release, whether there are customs hold-ups, and much more besides. Transmission errors are eliminated because all relevant data have been entered into the system beforehand. Overall, this will make processes more stable and container handling operations smoother.