Official opening of wind turbine in Bremerhaven

    Gordon Friza – Renewable energy team
    Gordon Friza - Projektkoordination Erneuerbare Energien

    Mr Friza, the second wind turbine at a EUROGATE container terminal was officially opened on 21 January 2015. This time in Bremerhaven. What kind of challenges did this project entail?

    It took almost three years from the time the project started until the wind turbine was operational. So there are always challenges – a suitable location therefore had to be found right at the beginning. Prior to obtaining approval to build the turbine, it was also necessary to allay any serious misgivings and rebut any political concerns.

    Although the new wind turbine in Bremerhaven is 50 m smaller than the wind turbine in Hamburg and its rotor length is 6.5 m shorter, the output is 1 megawatt higher – why is that?

    That is due to the prevailing wind conditions! In Bremerhaven, the average wind speed is higher so we didn't need to build as high as we did in Hamburg. The stronger wind also means that a turbine with higher output is used. At the end of the day, we were able to find the optimum solution for each location.

    Is EUROGATE the only container terminal in the world to operate a wind turbine? What about the container terminal in Wilhelmshaven?

    Yes, EUROGATE is actually the only container terminal in the world to operate a wind turbine! After Bremerhaven and Hamburg, we will now examine the possibility of setting up a wind turbine in Wilhelmshaven ...

    Is a 25% reduction in CO2 emissions per container by 2020 a realistic goal?

    Yes, of course! The goal is realistic but ambitious. We want to reduce energy consumption as a whole by 20% and we are very proud of the fact that we managed to reduce it by 13% already between 2008 and 2013.

    Are EUROGATE employees noticeably energy-conscious?

    YES! Energy savings can only be made with the support of and in collaboration with all employees. The 13% reduction is therefore a success for all our colleagues.