Reparatur und Depot

Az Ön által behívott oldal más nyelvű tartalmakat tartalmaz.

A következő tartalmak állnak hiánytalanul rendelkezésre az Ön által választott nyelven:

    REMAIN Container-Depot and Repair

    Apart from seaport container handling, EUROGATE offers its customers a range of supplementary services. From leasing or storage of empty and refrigerated containers, to cleaning and repair of used containers – REMAIN is the specialist of choice for your steel boxes.



    • Reparatur & Depot

      Container storage – well-equipped for the future

      Whether empty or full containers: in our depots we offer intermediate storage of all kinds of transport containers – either short- or longer-term depending on our customers’ requirements. For this service, we have large storage capacities available in the immediate vicinity of the port terminals and connecting transport facilities. Speedy delivery of containers is a matter of course – thanks to an efficient IT system.

    • Remain Galerie 4

      Container handling – speedy, reliable and professional

      Logistics is a fast-moving business. In order to get your containers moving as quickly as possible, we work with state-of-the-art handling equipment, ensuring reliable and professional handling. All our locations are networked via an efficient IT system that allows precise coordination of container management and optimises handling operations.

    • Remain Galerie 6

      Repair and cleaning service – we make your boxes shipshape

      On their journeys around the world, containers are exposed to numerous impacts, all of which take their toll. We inspect transport containers for damage, carry out repairs and servicing in consultation with our customers and at their request undertake special conversions of containers of all kinds. Our high-tech workshop guarantees rapid and ready availability of dry, refrigerated and tank containers. As an additional service, we offer cleaning of containers at special cleaning stations.

    • Remain Galerie 5

      Refrigerated container service – controlled freshness

      We offer a full service for refrigerated containers comprising storage, repairs, cleaning and monitoring – round the clock with a 24-hour emergency service, 365 days of the year. The company has a total of 200 connections for refrigerated containers.

    • Remain Galerie 3

      Container trade – first class and second hand

      As world trade continues to increase unabated, there is a growing demand for transport containers. We have specialised in buying and selling new and used containers. The latter are overhauled at our workshops and fitted to comply with customer needs. We offer a choice of standard, special-model and purpose-built containers in top quality to suit all requirements – also available for lease.