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    Technical innovation: rail grinding machine

    EUROGATE Technical Services Hamburg has developed a rail grinding machine with which it is possible to grind container gantry trolley rails. The device is mobile and can therefore be used at any of the Group’s terminals. The rationale behind the development is that as the tracks are subject to a lot of wear on a daily basis, over time they show signs of rail corrugation. This leads to deterioration in the handling characteristics of the trolley and in some cases to significant noise generation. The rail track sections therefore need regular maintenance.

    In the past this work was contracted out. As there are only a few companies in Germany offering this service there were frequent scheduling problems and delays. EUROGATE technician Thomas Engel therefore started looking for ways to carry out the maintenance work in-house. Together with engineer Marco Riemann, he initiated the rail grinding machine project in summer 2014.

    The device has now been successfully tested and put into operation on container gantry crane 301 in Hamburg. The advantages of a proprietary machine need little explanation: it facilitates scheduling coordination, optimises workflows and reduces costs. It can be hoisted onto any container gantry and fits onto a normal car trailer. In the meantime two “rail grinding machine” teams have been formed that are ready to deploy the machine at all EUROGATE terminals. Engel und Riemann are not excluding the possibility of deployment at other container terminals, too.