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    Boardroom change at EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg

    Tom Eckelmann (35) will take over as Managing Director of EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg (CTH) on 1 January 2019, succeeding Wolfgang Schiemann (63), who will in future support the EUROGATE Group Management Board in the capacity of Senior Advisor.

    Tom Eckelmann

    Tom Eckelmann knows the company and the industry inside out. After graduating from Edinburgh University and the Cass Business School at London’s City University, he gained his first professional experience as a line manager at X-PRESS FEEDER in Singapore and as an analyst with MORGAN STANLEY INFRASTRUCTURE PARTNERS, a London-based investment group. Since September 2012, Tom Eckelmann has been responsible for strategy as well as energy and sustainability at EUROGATE. In April 2015, he joined the Board of Directors of Contship Italia SpA.

    Michael Blach, Chairman of the EUROGATE Group Management Board, thanks Wolfgang Schiemann for his dedication and hard work: “He has impressively and successfully steered EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg through very challenging times.” He adds that with Tom Eckelmann, a successor has been found from the Group’s own ranks who will continue efforts to increase capacity utilisation at EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg and drive progress in areas of future significance for the Group at the Hamburg location.