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    Training at EUROGATE - Electronics engineer specialising in automation engineering



    Talents for ports and logistics

    Training is a high priority at EUROGATE. After all, specialist knowledge relating to container cranes, straddle carriers and other specialised equipment cannot be simply bought at the market. Two state-of-the-art workshops with modern equipment are available for the practical and professional training of junior technical staff. The business-related work performed at the port is also quite unique. An international port operator like EUROGATE requires specific knowledge and specific skills. The company therefore trains office management staff and transport logistics specialists as well as students on dual study programmes, IT specialists and warehouse logistics specialists. Around 60 young people are currently engaged in a total of 13 apprentice trades.


    Electronics engineer specialising in automation engineering

    Electronics engineers who specialise in automation engineering set up highly complex, computer-driven systems. They ensure that the relevant individual components form an overall system that works automatically. To do this, they program and test systems, activate them and maintain them. They work in companies that develop and manufacture or deploy automation solutions. At EUROGATE, the automation systems are primarily control systems in and on container cranes.


    Training content

    • Fitting and connecting electrical operational equipment
    • Measuring and analysing electrical functions and systems
    • Setting up automation engineering equipment
    • Conducting third-party technical analyses, developing solutions
    • Maintaining and optimising automation systems


    Requirements: A good secondary school certificate

    Duration of training: 3.5 years