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    Six new container gantries for NTB


    Last June, NTB, North Sea Terminal Bremerhaven, ordered three new container gantries from Liebherr Container Cranes in Ireland. In December 2016, NTB exercised an option on another three cranes.

    Unlike what was typical for the recent past, the Liebherr cranes are being supplied in individual parts and will be assembled at the NTB container terminal in Bremerhaven. NTB Managing Director Jan Gelderland is expecting the first components to arrive in Bremerhaven in August. The handover of the first cranes is planned for early 2018, with the remainder being installed for operational begin by the third quarter of 2018.

    The container gantries built in Killarney in Ireland are some of the largest cranes of their kind in the world. Weighing around 2,225 tonnes each (including ballast and spreader), they have an overall height of 135 metres and can span 73 metres over the water’s edge. “Thus they are optimally prepared for handling the world’s largest mega container ships,” Gelderland says.

    The new gantries will look different from the cranes currently at work at the terminal because they have a lattice boom. The cranes are equipped entirely with LED lighting; the driver’s cabin comes from the Dutch manufacturer Merford. The Liebherr cranes are also equipped with status monitoring of the powertrain, hoist and trolley and an anti-collision system for detecting superstructures. The investment volume is in the double-digit million range.