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    People at EUROGATE

    • Florian Beutel

      The joy of approaching new tasks on a daily basis

      Florian Beutel, lashing supervisor at SWOP in Bremerhaven


      Florian Beutel actually wanted to be a policeman but a sports accident prevented him from following this career in the public service. Instead, he trained to be a printer and worked as an offset printer for seven years at two companies in Bremen. The then 25-year old felt drawn back to his home town of Bremerhaven. It suited ideally that EUROGATE was planning on hiring extensively at that time and was looking for new staff.

    Beutel started working as a lasher in the harbour in 2008. Lashing refers to fastening and unfastening containers on the deck or in the cargo holds of ships. A ship cannot be dispatched without lashers. The work is challenging, must be carried out in all kinds of weather and places high demands on employees, both physically and in terms of the attention that is required. In the EUROGATE Group, the SWOP subsidiary is responsible for these tasks.


    Florian Beutel is a sporty guy. He competed in athletics in his youth and was also quite successful up until the time he was injured. He is tenacious and immune to adverse conditions. These characteristics are of benefit to him today, as the job on board the ships makes demands on the whole person. “At the start I had doubts about whether it was the right job for me”, he says. “However, I now know that I made the correct decision.”


    The 35-year old approaches his work with a sense of fun, commitment and ambition. In the meantime, he is a skilled port worker and supervisor and did further training to become a safety officer at SWOP. “That means that I now no longer work exclusively as a lasher on the ships but instead also supervise and coordinate work,” he explains. He maintains contact between planning and the colleagues on board. He particularly likes the variation and working on a team. “The team spirit is super. Everybody can rely on one another here,” he emphasizes.