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    People at EUROGATE

    • Dennis Fischer

      Contact person for truckers and rail

      Dennis Fischer, Gate and Rail Operator in Wilhelmshaven


      He ensures that the truckers can deliver and collect their containers without any problems. His duties also include smooth clearance for boxes that arrive at and leave the terminal by rail. Dennis Fischer is Gate and Rail Operator at EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW). He is to some extent the link between the terminal and the outside world.


    The qualified automobile salesperson has been working in Wilhelmshaven since the start of 2012. He sees himself as a service provider for the truckers. “When a trucker comes to us for the first time, we show him the terminal and familiarise him with the procedures,” says Fischer. This includes activation of the terminal card, which authorises the truck drivers to drive into the terminal, and instruction in the CTW safety regulations. “The truckers must be familiar with our procedures and know where they can and cannot drive,” reports Fischer.


    He adds that if the drivers have any questions, they are welcome to ask him, or one of his colleagues. “There are eight of us in our department,” he says and describes how it is a great team in which everybody can rely on one another. “It is really fun working here,” affirms Fischer.


    The port is still young, the procedures are becoming better established and there is still lots of room for development. “We recently had positive experiences with rail loading for a renowned customer,” reports the young man. He, like all his other colleagues, hopes that such actions will soon become routine and says: “I am convinced that we will have a lot more to do in 2016.”


    For the 25-year-old from Wilhelmshaven, the CTW is a beacon of light in northern Germany. “It creates jobs and is good for the region. I am glad to be able to work here.” And besides work? As a qualified automobile salesperson, he has developed a love for cars and has recently been driving a sleek, sporty model from Ingolstadt. In addition, he drives a motorbike and therefore spends some weekends at music festivals in the north.