Az Ön által behívott oldal más nyelvű tartalmakat tartalmaz.

A következő tartalmak állnak hiánytalanul rendelkezésre az Ön által választott nyelven:


    • EUROGATE Container Terminal Bremerhaven GmbH (100%)

      EUROGATE Container Terminal Bremerhaven is a common user facility which handles vessels from various different shipping lines. Due to the geographically strategic location on the Estuary of the River Weser on the North Sea the EUROGATE Container Terminal Bremerhaven offers the best possible conditions.

    • EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH (100%)

      EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg is located in Waltershof, in the Port of Hamburg, and is a common-user terminal. EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg offers excellent hinterland connections thanks to the EUROKOMBI intermodal railway station, in which EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH holds 50%, directly on the terminal site.

    • Eurogate_Logo_150x80

      EUROGATE KV-Anlage Wilhelmshaven GmbH (100%)

      With the EUROGATE KV-Anlage Wilhelmshaven intermodal rail terminal, the EUROGATE Group commissioned the railway transhipment facility in Wilhelmshaven.

    • EUROGATE Intermodal GmbH (100%)

      EUROGATE Intermodal (EGIM) organises seaport hinterland transports by rail and road. EUROGATE Intermodal’s rail connections depart from the three German container terminal locations to South Germany and the south-east European economic centres. EUROGATE Intermodal has a number of shareholdings, including, Trimodal Logistik GmbH and EUROGATE Rail Hungary.

    • EUROGATE Technical Services GmbH (100%)

      EUROGATE Technical Services is EUROGATE Group’s technical service provider. It guarantees the constant and reliable provision of technical handling equipment, facilities and power supply. Its core activites cover design, planning, startup and maintenance of complex port operating facilities and systems.

    • Terminal_Services_Logo_150x80

      EUROGATE Terminal Services GmbH (100%)

      EUROGATE Terminal Services GmbH is EUROGATE Group’s service company. The company organises important terminal-related services, including bus services, equipment scheduling, reefer controlling or security services.

    • SWOP – Seaworthy Packing GmbH (100%)

      The professionals from SWOP Seaworthy Packing pack goods of all kinds in a professional and seaworthy manner. Apart from packing, SWOP will also lash containers on board seagoing vessels.

    • REMAIN GmbH Container-Depot and Repair (100%)

      The core activities of REMAIN GmbH Container Depot and Repair are repairing and servicing containers and providing interim storage for empty containers. Besides its core business, REMAIN buys and sells containers, supplying new and used sea containers, and sells and leases one-storey or multi-storey storage containers.