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    Container Freight Station (CFS)

    Our products

    Service portfolio
    Supply and delivery Supply and delivery by truck/wagon/barge
    Packing Packing, unpacking and direct loading of containers and flats with goods of all types
    Warehouse management Storage of all goods, including storage in security zone (providing the IMO class permits intermediate storage), order picking, marking, labelling, scanning, tallying, container stowing advice
    Breakbulk handling Supply and delivery of breakbulk by truck, wagon or barge
    Handling with reach stackers (up to 40 t) or container gantries (up to 90 t)
    Breakbulk intermediate storage
    Transport service trailer from/to riverside quay (Stromkaje)
    Loading using pontoon cranes (from 95.1 t)
    Management of Repacking, new packing
    Customs and carriage services
    IT solutions Direct access to terminal software
    Customised IT solutions (WLAN/scanner)
    Supplementary services Compiling orders for BHT (Bremer Hafentelematik), Bremen’s Port Community system
    Fumigation/defumigation of containers
    Consolidation/deconsolidation of flats