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    Wilhelmshaven: space for container gassing extended

    Since 2012, EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW) has had an officially approved gas terminal for fumigation of export containers and gas-free measurements of containers from abroad. This is necessary because certain containers may only be imported into some countries if they have been gassed beforehand. This applies, for example, to containers in which logs are transported. The importing countries want to protect themselves against harmful insects.


    The gassing station for containers is equipped in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Immission Control Act, BimSchG, and until recently had a storage area of ten container spaces. Due to increased demand for logs, especially from China, the area has now been increased to 40 container spaces. It is divided into two sections with 20 container storage spaces each.

    In Germany, fumigation may only be carried out by officially approved companies. In Wilhelmshaven, the Hamburg-based company Bertram GmbH is responsible for this. It has rented the area from CTW. The Bertram employees not only fumigate export containers, but are also responsible for gas-free measurement. This relates to the fact that many containers that reach Germany after being fumigated abroad must first be checked for their gas concentration before they can be opened in Germany so as to eliminate any hazard to persons. Only when the prescribed gas concentration limits have been reached is the container released for onward transportation by CTW.