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    One Year EUROGATE Container Terminal Limassol

    On 29 January 2018, EUROGATE celebrated the first anniversary of its terminal in Limassol. Despite initial adverse circumstances, the EUROGATE Group’s twelfth terminal has evolved into a proper terminal and has performed well over the year.

    CTL 1

    With an average of 189 employees, the EUROGATE Container Terminal Limassol handled around 345,000 TEUs in 2017. “That is an extremely good result”, says Thomas Eckelmann. The terminal did not have an auspicious start. It emerged that the condition of the handling equipment (straddle carriers, container cranes, tractor units), did not in any way meet the usual international standards. Moreover, around 120 new employees had to be recruited and trained. On top of this, the way in which work was organised at the terminal had to be restructured and a completely new IT infrastructure had to be implemented. Safety, IT systems, port security and the condition of the equipment caused a lot of headaches at the beginning.

    CTL 2

    It was only through the efforts made by German EUROGATE employees across all departments that it was possible to get Cyprus’s only container port up and running. The success of their efforts is reflected in the improvement in truck throughput times. While in some cases, throughput times lasted more than 100 minutes in February 2017, this has now been reduced to an average of less than 20 minutes. The technology was also upgraded significantly: CTL obtained 17 straddle carriers from Hamburg and two new container cranes will be added this year.

    CTL 3