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    Avoiding status change weight charges

    Effective from 1 July 2016, all export containers are required to have a Verified Gross Mass (VGM). This refers to the gross weight of a stuffed container. This includes the weight of the cargo, the packaging including stuffing materials, as well as the container weight itself (tare).  The VGM is an indispensable basis for secure, smooth and ultimately also cost-efficient processes at the terminal. It has a direct influence on yard and vessel planning, since pre-stowage of a container is based on the following criteria:

    1. Container gross weight incl. tare (VGM)
    2. Vessel
    3. Port of discharge

    Any changes directly impact on the pre-stowage. This results in manual changes, re-stowing of the container and higher costs.

    Status change weight: A status change is already charged to the shipping lines at the EUROGATE container terminals in Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven. Status change weight occurs where there is a difference between the exact gross weight or VGM at the time of physical delivery and the VGM at loading on the mother vessel. There needs to be a weight difference of at least 1,000 kilograms as well as a change of the weight class:


    Weight Class

    Lowest Weight  in kgs

    Highest Weight in kgs




















    How to avoid a status change weight

    1. The best way is for exporters and freight forwarders to transfer the most accurate weight to the carrier at the time of booking, which approximates the subsequent VGM. It is important to ensure that the tare is also included.
    2. Once the container has been loaded and the VGM determined (weighing or accumulation method), the VGM should be transferred to the shipping line as soon as possible, so that the shipping line can update the pre-booking with EUROGATE. In the update of the pre-booking the carrier should ensure that the VGM is declared as such and clearly relates to a container number (VGM qualifier).
    3. After weighing the container,  the VGM may also be transferred to EUROGATE at the time of arrival at the terminal via the following options:


    A)    Truck

    • Tour planning  - HAM
    • BIT PA (pre-notice)  -  BRV/WVN
    • WHT declaration  -  WVN
    • Self-service desk  -  BRV
    • Truck gate employees EUROGATE  -  BRV

    B)    Train

    • TPR Transport Rail (Dakosy)  -  HAM
    • CODIS (DBH)  -  BRV/WVN

    C)   Barge

    • COPRAR Discharge  -  HAM/BRV
    • Excel file  -  HAM/BRV


    Everybody benefits from adhering to the rules: the terminal processes run smoothly and additional costs are avoided.

    Should you have any questions regarding status change weight, please contact the following persons:

    Mr Jannis Grantz / Sales

    Mr Torsten Meyer / Director Sales
    Phone: +49 421 1425-4971