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    Getting to grips with container weight

    As of 1 July 2016, verification of the gross weight of a packed export container will be required before a container is loaded aboard a ship. In the following, EUROGATE has put together everything you need to take into consideration to ensure that in the future no container is left on the quayside.

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    SWOP in Hamburg and Container Freight Station (CFS) in Bremerhaven stuff and strip containers, collect and store, plan and consult and offer tailor-made packing solutions. Both service providers have an invaluable advantage in that they are located directly on site at the container terminals.

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    For three weeks, from 7 to 26 June, the “Pacific Osprey” was berthed at the southern tip of CT 1 in Bremerhaven. The dedicated vessel belonging to the Danish Swire Blue Ocean line is one of the largest installation vessels (160 metres long and 49 metres wide) in the world.

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