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    AEO, ISPS or TEU – the technical jargon used by port logistics experts is often totally incomprehensible to laymen. What is a spreader? What is a straddle carrier? On this page you will find definitions that are helpful for a better understanding and communication.

    • ETA Abbreviation for “Estimated Time of Arrival”.
    • ETD Abbreviation for “Estimated Time of Departure”.
    • Feeder ship Feeder ships transport loads between ports called at by larger ocean-going vessels and ports not called at by the big liners. Ports called at by bigger vessels have a hub function for container transports. Feeder ships have become bigger and bigger in recent years and have increasingly higher transport capacities. Feeder ships are a central element of the transhipment concept.
    • Freeport (Free zone) In a freeport goods can be imported, produced or stored without customs or import duties being levied. Import duties are only levied when the goods cross the customs boundaries and are entered into the internal market. The Hamburg freeport was abolished on 1 January 2013 and changed to the status of a customs seaport. Wilhelmshaven also has the status of customs seaport, while the Bremerhaven container terminals are in a free zone.
    • Freight forwarder A “freight forwarder” organises the transport of goods for the consignor, including all necessary formalities. This may encompass, for example, booking transport capacities on vessels and customs clearance.