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    EUROGATE Intermodal – a reliable connection


    Domestic services

    EGIM provides efficient rail services for maritime containers across key locations throughout Germany.  We operate daily connections between the seaports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven and inland terminals in Augsburg, Frankfurt/Main, Kornwestheim, Mannheim, Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Singen as well as Ulm. And because your cargo’s journey never begins or ends at a port or terminal, we also offer first and last mile delivery solutions, ensuring your containers reach their destination on schedule.

    International services

    International rail freight plays a crucial role in minimising the greenhouse gas emissions typically associated with global supply chains. Furthermore, it has also proven to be a reliable, crisis-resistant transport option for cross-border trade.


    All of our international trains are pulled by state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly electric locomotives and are able to cross borders without changing equipment. This way, you benefit from fast connections and receive the competitive advantage needed for sustainable growth.


    We directly connect German seaports with Hungary as well as Rotterdam with industrial centres throughout Germany without any stopovers. In addition, we offer connections between Budapest and the western ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp via our hub in Munich. Melzo/Milan can also be reached from Hungary via this hub. Through our sister company Hannibal, we offer connections to the Ligurian ports and Ravenna.


    We also provide regular transport services between German seaports and the industrial centres of Austria as well as the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.

    From first to last mile


    Wherever your cargo is headed, as your intermodal partner, we make sure it stays seamlessly connected from the rail hub to your door. We offer fast, reliable and regular first and last-mile connections to locations across Europe. This way, your supply chain can continue to flow smoothly. 


    Port logistics


    Flexible port logistics are also part of our service portfolio. With our truck fleet, we link the Port of Hamburg with the service and production facilities of our customers in the metropolitan region. By operating with a fleet of our own container chassis, we help eliminate waiting times and streamline your supply chain.


    With our T-Road application, we simplify route planning for local transport in and around the Port of Hamburg. By taking into account both current market requirements and terminal slot booking, T-Road optimises Port of Hamburg’s slot booking process and increase its efficiency. EGIM dispatchers remain informed about the current location of individual containers. And most importantly, by eliminating waiting times, T-Road significantly improves transport flow and reduces traffic jams on the roads.