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    EUROGATE Intermodal – a reliable connection


    At EGIM, we not only offer our customers reliable and efficient connections – but also a sustainable and responsible service portfolio. We strive to be an environmental pioneer and have committed ourselves to reducing our carbon footprint at every turn.



    We’re embracing eco-friendly technology

    Our goal is to be as energy efficient as possible, and our container trains are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that supports this mission. Our modern electric locomotives are fitted with regenerative braking systems, feeding up to ten percent of the traction current back into the main power systems. This significantly reduces our trains’ overall energy consumption. In addition, our container cars operate low noise braking technology, allowing us to move more cargo with less impact on the environment around us. 


    We’re finding the route of least emissions

    In geometry, a direct route is the shortest distance between two points. In line with this principle, our trains operate directly between the North Sea ports and inland terminals. No intersections. No time losses. And above all, no congestion on the highway. It’s another argument that reinforces rail as the most environmentally friendly means of transportation.


    We’re saving CO2 with combined transport

    As part of our commitment to responsible business, we only partner with trucking companies that utilise state-of-the-art equipment to reduce harmful emissions. To further lessen our impact on the environment, we aim to transport cargo via rail on the main leg and only use trucks for first and last-mile logistics. No more – no less. By combining the outstanding ecological footprint of trains with the flexibility of trucks, we not only significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, but also make sure our customers receive their goods promptly and reliably.