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    EUROGATE Intermodal – a reliable connection

    about us

    EUROGATE Intermodal (EGIM) keeps your business moving with tailor-made combined transport services for maritime containers. Headquartered in Hamburg, we offer competitive rail and road connections, serving industries across Europe. At EGIM, we pride ourselves on our decades of intermodal expertise, but even more so on our uniquely personal approach to customer service and consulting.


    EGIM provides regular services between the seaports Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Wilhelmshaven, Rotterdam and eleven inland terminals in southern Germany and Hungary. Our use of fixed rolling stock allows us to offer a high degree of predictability as well as optimised transit times. The result: smooth combined transport.


    On the rails, on the roads and in the office, we leverage the latest technologies and adopt a sustainable approach, empowering our customers to save time, save money and reduce their carbon footprints.


    During first and last mile delivery, customer service remains at the core of our offering. We have longstanding relationships with carefully selected trucking service providers. These dedicated partners help us ensure that wherever your cargo is headed, we’ll be there.


    It’s what we call providing a reliable connection.


    Our reliable connections are a result of our reliable partnerships. To help ensure your supply chain works like clockwork, EGIM holds shares in a number of other companies:

    • boxXpress GmbH (38%)

      EGIM is a founding member of Headquartered in Hamburg, is a private rail service company specialised in the transport of overseas containers between German North Sea ports and the hinterland. operates as the traction company for many of our connections.

    • EUROGATE Rail Hungary

      EUROGATE Rail Hungary (64%)

      Based in Budapest, EUROGATE Rail Hungary is a Hungarian private rail transport company. EUROGATE Rail Hungary is particularly active in rail freight transport in Hungary, Austria and Germany.

    • Trimodal

      Trimodal Logistik GmbH (26%)

      Trimodal is a forwarder specialised in intermodal transport of overseas containers between German seaports and the hinterland, including a daily inland waterway shuttle between Bremerhaven and Bremen. Trimodal Logistik GmbH is based in Bremen.