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    Contship Intermodal

    Contship Italia Group’s long-term and on-going commitment is to offer customers a network of intelligent intermodal connections between Italian ports and major European markets. Sogemar, Hannibal, RHM and OCEANOGATE Italia “bring the ship to your factory” and represent today the Intermodal & Logistics arm of the Group – supporting socially and environmentally sustainable integrated solutions for maritime and continental freight transport business.

    Hannibal – European gate rail over the Alps

    Hannibal is Contship Multimodal Transport Operator, offering flexible intermodal solutions for national and international freight transport. Combining a fleet of 350 modern trucks with over 150 weekly trains from and towards the main Italian and European destinations, Hannibal provides customers with socially and environmentally sustainable transport solutions, designed to support maritime and continental freight transport businesses, bringing the ship to the customers’ door.




    Franco Cupolo

    General Manager

    Phone: +39 02 95529611

    Franco Placa

    Deputy general manager, international sales and business development

    Phone: +39 02 95076579

    Mauro Invernizzi

    Deputy general manager, national sales and business development

    Phone: +39 02 95076577


    Hannibal S.p.A.

    Via 1° maggio, 1
    20066 Melzo (MI), Italy

    Phone: +39 02 95076233
    Fax: +39 02 95076548