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    Your freight in good hands



    SWOP in Hamburg and Container Freight Station (CFS) in Bremerhaven stuff and strip containers, collect and store, plan and consult and offer tailor-made packing solutions. Both service providers have an invaluable advantage in that they are located directly on site at the container terminals.


    SWOP Seaworthy Packing GmbH

    Frank Schabbel takes a look at the drawing, measures up with his folding rule and then drills the last of a good dozen holes in the metal frame. When he’s done, a colleague arrives driving a forklift, lifts the frame and places it on a wooden rack. “Tomorrow we’re expecting a large piece of machinery,” the stevedore explains. “It needs packing up for transport by sea, so we’re getting the bottom of the crate ready.”

    Normal routine at SWOP Seaworthy Packing GmbH in Hamburg. The EUROGATE subsidiary specialises in all things to do with packaging. Whether heavy-lift, out-of-gauge or highly sensitive cargoes – whatever the challenge, SWOP’s team of experts find an optimum solution. “Nine out of ten of our customers are machinery manufacturers,” explains SWOP Managing Director Max Schultz. Whether printing presses, milling centres or marine transmissions – the range of goods to be shipped, and hence also requiring packing, is extremely extensive.

    The German seaports are an important hub for international freight transport and consequently also for the export-oriented mechanical engineering industry. Specialists like SWOP in Hamburg and CFS in Bremerhaven see to it that the machines, in some cases costing anything from several hundred thousand to over a million euros, reach their consignees overseas safely.

    SWOP packs plant and machinery so that it is optimally protected against influences of nature or the weather not only during transport to the consignee, but also in subsequent storage. “We can protect the goods against the impact of the elements for up to two years,” Schultz says. SWOP builds the giant transport crates from selected wood supplied by a service provider from Schleswig-Holstein. “It is heat-treated and guaranteed pest-free,” the SWOP CEO explains. The special crates guarantee lasting protection against moisture from the outside and inside (outside rain, snow, inside condensation) and are extremely stable, so that their contents are also protected against mechanical stresses during transport.

    On request, in addition to the necessary dockside transhipments, the packing specialists are happy to organise pre- and post-carriage of goods, assume responsibility for project management and coordinate the smooth cooperation between all parties concerned. Once the goods are packed, they are stuffed on flat racks, platforms, open-top or closed containers ready for direct loading onto the ship. And that is another of SWOP’s competitive advantages: the ideal location at the EUROGATE Container Terminal.


    Container Freight Station (CFS)

    The Bremerhaven Container Freight Station is equally ideally located. The EUROGATE Container Terminal Bremerhaven profit centre advertises not only with qualified specialist personnel, special equipment and a high degree of flexibility, but also with short distances. “We are located directly on the terminal site and can perform all movements from and onto the ship without intermediary transports,” says Head of Operations Mirka Rinas. Hence crates, flats and containers can be shifted by straddle carrier directly to the pre-stacking areas.

    Just like their Hamburg SWOP colleagues, the experts from the CFS are also the warehousing, loading and packing specialists within the EUROGATE Group. Their activities are divided into four business areas:
    dangerous goods, big bags and wood,
    daily operations, machinery and steel products as well as break bulk,
    cars and beverages, as well as
    paper, customs and through loaders as well as fumigation and defumigation of containers.

    A covered rail siding ensures goods can be loaded onto rail wagons without being exposed to the elements. Two large warehouses offer around 30,000 square metres of storage space.

    One of CFS’s areas of specialisation is the shipping of cars in containers. “We have many years of experience in this segment and from old-timers to luxury-class limousines have in the past stowed a variety of different cars in boxes,” Rinas says. Just as unusual were the animal transports carried out by CFS. “We have sent dairy cows on their travels as well as an elephant,” the CFS Operations Manager reports.

    Operations at the Container Freight Station are export-dominated, with a focus on mechanical engineering products and beverages that are shipped all over the world. “We stow and ship machine parts and ship’s engines, but also stow and store solar panels, for example,” Mirka Rinas says. In terms of imports, goods such as wood, paper and cellulose bales as well as all manner of containerised freight dominate.