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    Ideal supplement to maritime transport: by train from Hamburg to China

    It’s currently on everyone’s lips: China’s latest initiative to revive the silk route under the programmatic title “One Belt, One Road”. Also at the EUROGATE joint venture EUROKOMBI, trains from China are handled.
    Already in 2015, the first container train bound for China was dispatched from the combined freight transport station directly adjacent to EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg. In the meantime, the number of trains has grown to between three and four per week.

    Thorsten Reese, Operations Manager at EUROKOMBI Terminal Hamburg says: “With a transit time of around 14 days, the train is an ideal supplement to seagoing vessels and air freight. We offer 24-hour customs clearance directly at our terminal and organise multimodal onward carriage by truck, feeder ship to Scandinavia and the UK and by rail to around 40 German and 15 European destinations.”

    China Zug