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    Shuangyan Zhang coordinates sales activities in China

    Born in the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin, she speaks four languages fluently (Chinese, English, German and Dutch), has worked in China and Germany and studied in the Netherlands. 40-year-old Shuangyan Zhang joined the EUROGATE sales team at the turn of the year 2017/2018. Here, she organises and coordinates the sales activities of EUROGATE in her home country China.

    Shuangyan Zhang

    The most recent task she successfully completed was the third Asian roadshow for EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven. The sales representatives presented Germany’s only deep-water port in six Chinese cities to representatives from shipping companies, freight forwarders and logistics service providers as well as multipliers and decision-makers from business and politics. Shuangyan Zhang had previously agreed schedules, designed invitations, updated the Chinese image brochure, recorded the Chinese text for the CTW image film and then accompanied the roadshow on the Chinese social media channel WeChat.

    “I maintain contact between our headquarters and colleagues in China,” she says. She reports on the work of the Chinese sales staff and cooperates closely with them. She is currently implementing a new CRM system, i.e. a customer relationship management system that includes existing and potential customers.

    Shuangyan Zhang came to Germany in 2000. She met her husband, moved with him to Nijmegen in the Netherlands and completed a Master’s degree in “International Management”. In 2004 the family moved to Hamburg, from where they set up a trading company for metal recycling. In 2008, Shuangyan Zhang returned to Tianjin. Since 2015, the family with two daughters has been living in Germany again.