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    People at EUROGATE

    • Timm Bremer

      Team player and manager

      Timm Bremer, Team Master – Quay Side, Bremerhaven


      Every day another ship, a different task, a new challenge. For Timm Bremer this means assigning duties, adapting to changes and constantly improvising. "Something always turns out differently to the way it was planned," says the 38-year-old. But it is precisely the variety and the unforeseen events that spice up the young team master's daily routine.


    Bremer has been with EUROGATE for about ten years. "I originally trained as a car mechanic and was then in the international trade centre (AHZ) in Speckenbüttel. When a major customer left, myself and a few other colleagues had the opportunity of a new beginning with EUROGATE." The Schiffdorf native trained as a straddle carrier driver and learnt about container handling from the ground up. Because standing still is tantamount to going backwards for this busy father of three, he soon wanted more responsibility. "I applied for the position of master twice and I was successful on the second occasion," he reports.


    After a period of six months, he spent the following two years as a junior master. Today, he is one of 22 masters who, together with their teams, work around the clock to ensure that the container ships at the Bremerhaven quay are handled without delay. He has eleven men and three women on his team. "I plan the shifts and holidays and I am also responsible for the work equipment," he says. He must ensure that his team works together in the best possible way when conditions change. "I motivate and praise, but I also examine the results with a critical eye," he says, summing up his approach to the job. He is expected to be a manager and a team player, a role model and a partner, and he also expects this of himself.


    It's clear that he enjoys his role. His job is fulfilling but he can still attend to his family obligations. And should it all become too stressful, Bremer can always run away: he goes jogging two or three times a week.