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    People at EUROGATE

    • Jacqueline Röver

      Organising, planning, doing administration: the office is her world

      Jacqueline Röver, office administrator in Wilhelmshaven


      Jacqueline Röver always wanted to work in an office. Even when she was in school, she did several internships in various companies and found her way into a career as office administrator. When she finished her final exams in school, she applied to EUROGATE. And was successful! She started her apprenticeship in Bremerhaven in 2009.

    The young woman has been working in Wilhelmshaven since autumn 2012. She does all sorts of organisational work in the Administration department of EUROGATE Technical Services. Her main task is settlement of the work orders. She compiles the invoices and verifies them, supports engineers and foremen in preparing quotations, helps out with revenue and budget planning and monitors cost development. After more than two years in Wilhelmshaven, she now knows the technology like the back of her hand.


    “I really like working in the harbour,” says Jacqueline Röver and adds: “The atmosphere here is collegial and relaxed. Everybody supports each other.” The young team is highly motivated and works intensively on progressing the new harbour. “We are all convinced that Wilhelmshaven will be a success,” she affirms.


    Outside of work, the young woman likes to go out with friends, going to discos and she loves books. “I like reading novels. I don’t mind if they’re trashy,” she confesses.