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    People at EUROGATE

    • Axel Ahlers

      New tasks as motivation

      Axel Ahlers, Gate Manager in Wilhelmshaven


      As a native of Wilhelmshaven, Axel Ahlers is fully behind the deep-water port project on the Jade river. He has also been involved in implementing the project since the start of 2011. “I am convinced of the long-term success and am delighted to be able to work here,” says the 41-year-old industrial engineer, who is responsible for gate and rail operation at the EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW).

    Ahlers has assisted in numerous projects during his life – in the German Armed Forces, for example, of which he was a member for 14 years. “I was a transport officer and was involved in setting up logistics projects at various locations,” he reports. He gained more in-depth knowledge of this field while studying industrial engineering at the University of the German Armed Forces in Hamburg, which is the Helmut Schmidt University today. He left the German Armed Forces in 2008 at the rank of captain and started his civil career at a container handling company in Hamburg.


    “I worked for three years as deputy head of department in administration at the interface between customers and operations at the Altenwerder container terminal,” he says. When the Wilhelmshaven port project was looking for specialists at the end of 2010, one thing was clear to him: “I want to be involved.”


    Building new structures, defining processes and procedures, developing a functioning system – these are all tasks that fascinate Ahlers to this day. What do the truckers need for inward and outward deliveries? What can be automated? How does rail dispatch work? How will the interaction with customs work? These questions and a lot more besides had to be answered. “Unlike when there are existing structures in place already, the undertaking in Wilhelmshaven was a greenfield project, which left a lot of scope for creativity,” says Ahlers.


    It was soon a matter of hiring new staff. Naturally, he was also involved in this process. Today, he is the boss of 28 employees. This is also a task that provides him with fresh challenges every day.