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    People at EUROGATE

    • Lai

      A place to call home after a long time

      Quoc Cuong Lai, electronics technician for industrial engineering in Wilhelmshaven


      He has an infectious smile, his optimistic nature is charming. However, Quoc Cuong Lai, who was born in Vietnam, has not had it easy. He was confronted with numerous problematic situations, received many setbacks and has often started over again. The 33-year old now works as an electronics technician for industrial engineering at EUROGATE Technical Services in Wilhelmshaven. “I am very happy here”, says Lai.

    That was not always the case. When his parents sent him to Germany in the year 2000, they hoped that he would have a better future here than in his poor home country of Vietnam. The then 18-year old was indeed able to find accommodation with his aunt in East Frisia in northern Germany. However, it was not a new home. He went to school, learned German, completed his final school exams and one year of vocational preparation. Nevertheless, he did not find an apprenticeship.


    He kept himself afloat for many years with temporary jobs before things started to look up. Lai completed another year of vocational preparation for an apprenticeship – and finally got his chance. “In 2009, I started my apprenticeship in Bremerhaven to become an electronics technician for industrial engineering,” he recounts.


    He completed the apprenticeship in 2012 and went to the van carrier profit centre in Bremerhaven for one year. He has been in Wilhelmshaven since the start of 2014 where he also works on straddle carriers. He is always receiving requests from his colleagues in Bremerhaven. “I am there once to twice a week”, says Lai. He is slowly getting to know his new colleagues in Wilhelmshaven. “A top team”, says the tradesman happily and adds: “They are all really alright.”


    In the meantime, Lai now feels at home in Germany. That is due to his job, certainly, but also due to the fact that he is now a father. His son’s name is Henry and he is the pride and joy of the Lai family.