AEO,ISPS或者TEU——港口物流的英语专业术语对于外行往往难以理解。什么是spreader?什么又是straddle carrier?在这个页面上,我们整理了部分英语专业术语的中文翻译和英语解释,以更好地帮助沟通和理解。

    • Panamax | 巴拿马级 Ships in the Panamax class can pass through the locks of the Panama Canal and have a maximum length of 294.13 m, maximum beam of 32.31 m and maximum draught of 12.04 m. They have a capacity to carry approximately 5,000 TEUs. Ships with a beam overall exceeding 32.3 m cannot pass through the canal. The class is called post-Panamax. The Panama Canal is currently being widened to 55 m, so that in future container vessels >10,000 TEUs will be able to pass through the canal. This class will be known as neo-Panamax. The extension is scheduled to go into operation in 2015.
    • Reefer container | 冷藏集装箱、冻柜 Reefer containers are special containers for goods that need to be chilled during transport, such as fruit, vegetables, meat or other foodstuffs. The refrigerated containers are supplied with electricity during transport and storage at the terminals via reefer connections.