AEO,ISPS或者TEU——港口物流的英语专业术语对于外行往往难以理解。什么是spreader?什么又是straddle carrier?在这个页面上,我们整理了部分英语专业术语的中文翻译和英语解释,以更好地帮助沟通和理解。

    • Multimodal transport | 多式联运 Carriage of goods by two or more modes of transport.
    • Neo-Panamax | 新巴拿马级 Classification for a ship with dimensions that allow it to pass through the Panama Canal after its extension. Completion of the canal widening is scheduled for 2015. Ships with a length of 366 m, a beam of 49 m and a draught of 15.2 m will then be able to pass through the canal. This ship classification has capacities to carry approximately 13,000 TEUs. EUROGATE’s giant equipment is capable of handling container vessels in the neo-Panamax class.
    • Out-of-gauge | 超常规尺寸货物 “Out-of-gauge” is also abbreviated as “OOG” and stands for oversize cargo that does not fit in a standard container. OOG cargo may be turbines or other machine parts.