Wilhelmshaven weighs containers in accordance with SOLAS

    On 1 July, the countdown to mandatory introduction of the verified gross mass for containers (VGM) ends. As of this date, VGM documentation must be submitted for all containers to be loaded onto seagoing vessels. This is regulated by the provisions of the UN International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea – SOLAS. The background: to improve the safety of ships and their crews, as well as on-shore dockworkers. Responsibility for indicating the correct weight lies with the shipper. The shipper must transmit the VGM to the carrier, and the carrier, in turn, to the port terminal operator.


    At the Wilhelmshaven terminal, the Hamburg-based company Meta & Peter Beeken provides a daily container weighing service between the hours of 8 and 16 h. The service is offered at the freight centre at the end of the A 29 motorway, directly on the way to the EUROGATE Container Terminal Wilhelmshaven (CTW), and can be reached without any detours. Beeken weighs using Linde scales and reach stackers and digitally transmits the weight to the consignor. Containers should wherever possible be registered 24 hours prior to delivery. Contact person is Maik Tietz, Tel.: +49 (0)4421 5061370,