26.06.2017 - Bremen. EUROGATE publishes first sustainability report.

    EUROGATE publishes first sustainability report


    Entitled “Consciously into the future”, EUROGATE has published its first sustainability report. For EUROGATE, sustainability translates as giving equal consideration to economic efficiency, environmental and social responsibility based on long-term stable economic development. The sustainability report is the starting signal for an active reflection on the critical issues of the future. Container ports are traditionally dependent on the cyclical and political global economic climate as well as on societal upheavals. With this in mind, it is our goal as Europe’s leading, shipping line-independent container terminal operator to be able to offer our customers an efficient, highly productive and sustainable service. EUROGATE has been committed to protecting the environment and resources since the 1980s. This commitment is now being extended to include the economic and social dimensions.


    EUROGATE has voluntarily prepared the sustainability report based on the G4 International Reporting Guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in accordance with the Core option. It is accessible on the website at