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    Contship Intermodal

    Contship Italia Group’s long-term and on-going commitment is to offer customers a network of intelligent intermodal connections between Italian ports and major European markets. Sogemar, Hannibal, RHM and OCEANOGATE Italia “bring the ship to your factory” and represent today the Intermodal & Logistics arm of the Group – supporting socially and environmentally sustainable integrated solutions for maritime and continental freight transport business.


    Sogemar, with over 50 years of experience in the sector, acts as a sub-holding, leading the Intermodal and Logistics Business Units, coordinating Hannibal, Oceanogate and RHM activities.



    Sebastiano Grasso

    Managing Director

    Téléphone : +39 02 95529611


    Sogemar S.p.A.

    Via Magenta, 60
    20017 Lucernate di Rho (MI), Italy

    Téléphone : +39 02 93351
    Fax : +39 02 9335270