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    People at EUROGATE

    • Carlos Marafona

      Always on the move

      Carlos Marafona, lashing coordinator at SWOP in Bremerhaven


      Carlos Marafona cannot complain about a lack of variety. Up to a few years ago, his life was marked by transitions and change. Marafona, who grew up in Portugal, moved to Germany with his family when he was twelve. “My father had found work and so we followed him,” he says. This was a tough decision on the young adolescent. “I had to leave all of my friends behind from one day to the next and start afresh in Germany,” he remembers.


    He learned German in Bremerhaven, did his final secondary school exams and found a new circle of friends. After finishing school, he trained to be a motor mechanic but later worked as a postman. He came to EUROGATE in 2007. Today, Carlos Marafona is lashing coordinator. Lashers fasten and unfasten containers on the deck or in the cargo holds of ships. A ship cannot be dispatched without lashers. In the EUROGATE Group, the SWOP subsidiary is responsible for these tasks.


    “Lashing is not an easy job,” says Marafona. The work is challenging, must be carried out in all kinds of weather and places high demands on employees in terms of strength, endurance and the attention that is required. “You must always be concentrating fully and know exactly what you are doing,” says the 33-year-old.


    He himself started out as a normal lasher and progressed to become lashing coordinator. “I am so-to-speak, the foreman of all foremen and deputise for the master in night and weekend shifts,” he explains. Marafona’s tasks include informing employees about the task ahead of them, assigning them to the ships and monitoring the work. He is in communication with them by radio and telephone and can react quickly to new requirements. “The good thing about my job is that it is varied – and that you are always on the move,” emphasizes Marafona.