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    For us, sustainability above all means securing our future viability: our aim is to design our business activities and internal processes in a way that gives equal consideration to economic efficiency, environmental protection and social responsibility based on stable economic development. Compliance with the legislative framework and internal guidelines is, of course, the basic prerequisite for our day-to-day operations. Efficient port operations enable us to organise reliable shipment of goods for our customers around the world, as our container terminals are transit points for international goods flows. At the same time, we create jobs and also strengthen the local economy. Our business activities have an impact on people and the environment, for example through changes in the world of work or through the consumption of resources. It is our stated goal to identify and manage the key influencing factors of our corporate development and be an attractive and responsible employer for our employees.


    EUROGATE presented its first sustainability report in May 2017, which is intended as basis of reference and orientation. It was prepared based on the G4 International Reporting Guidelines issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), in accordance with the Core option. In addition to the first-time group-wide materiality analysis and reporting on our activities in the area of sustainability, major successes in the reporting year include the implementation of a compliance management system and our progress on the way to achieving our environmental targets.


    You can find more information in the sustainability report and the corresponding GRI index (download on the left).