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    EUROGATE Intermodal – a reliable connection


    Eco-friendly state-of-the-art technology

    Our container trains employ modern equipment. The electric locomotives are equipped with a system for recovering energy during braking. Like this, up to 10 percent of the traction current is fed back into the power mains system, which has a positive impact on overall energy consumption. The container cars operate with low-noise braking technology.


    Less traffic thanks to optimum capacity utilisation

    We avoid unnecessary transports by intelligently consolidating and utilising our transport capacities. Our container trains with a maximum length of 700 m and a transport capacity of 96 TEUs are on average utilised to 90% capacity and operate with maximum energy efficiency. This reduces the volume of traffic as well as CO2 emissions.


    Point-to-point connections, with no congestion at the destination

    In geometry, a direct route is the shortest distance between two points. In line with this philosophy, our trains operate directly between the German seaports and inland terminals – with no shunting intersections and no time losses. And above all no congestion on the motorway. Just one more argument that reinforces rail transport as the most environmentally friendly means of transportation.


    Combined transport – a contemporary and environmentally friendly transport solution

    Our motto is: as much as possible by rail, as little as possible by road. Of course we cannot do without trucks altogether. However, over long distances, rail transport proves to be the more environmentally friendly means of conveyance. Our intermodal transport solutions not only ensure your customers receive their goods promptly and reliably; together we also make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and conserving resources.