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    Intermodal transport

    EUROGATE offers seaport hinterland transport services across Europe from Germany’s North Sea coast to the Mediterranean. Containers are transported from EUROGATE’s seaports to European industrial centres via a combined road and rail network. Customers benefit from gap-free transport chains offering the shortest possible transit times and frequently confirm the high degree of reliability of our intermodal transport services. While EUROGATE Intermodal above all serves destinations in southern Germany and Hungary, the Italian Contship Italia Intermodal companies provide pure rail, road and intermodal transport services in Italy and across the Alps to/from central Europe.

    • EUROGATE Intermodal (EGIM)

      EUROGATE Intermodal, EGIM for short, offers container transport services from the German seaports to southern Germany and south-east Europe.

    • Contship Intermodal

      Contship Italia Group offers a network of intelligent intermodal connections between Italian ports and major European markets.